Quick Turn PCB Prototypes

PCB Board :

A PCB board does not simply signify a part used in personal computers, but rather a temporary circuit board base, commonly referred to as a breadboard, that allows for testing. It can test the "brain" of most electronics from a cell phone to a powerful home computer. Even home inventors working on robots or ham radios in their garage use PC boards to wire their projects initially.

A PC board consists of several pre-drilled holes in a grid pattern, which can be used to create a temporary circuit board or prototype. Copper traces usually exist on just one side of the board, so that components can be soldered on if desired. No soldering is required, however, making it easy to change connections and replace components as needed during the PCB process.

PC Boards Used for Prototyping Electronic Circuit Boards

Before a printed circuit board (PCB) is made, a prototype helps determine exactly how it needs to be wired. It allows for testing before being scanned into software that reproduces the wires and other components in a design file that can be printed directly on a board.

Software exists that allows users to build and test the circuit board virtually, cutting down on production time, as the wiring does not need to be done manually. Many users and companies still begin with a PC board to create a prototype to be turned into a PCB.

"...Many users and companies still begin with a pc board prototype kits to create a prototype to be turned into a PCB.."

Taking the Prototype to Production

At QuickTurnProtos.com, design files can be made from a PC board to produce PCBs for a variety of uses. The company specializes in working with smaller companies and individuals needing smaller runs without sacrificing quality or costing a fortune.