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If you're trying to design electronics, the first thing you need is a good printed circuit board. PCBs connect all the other components of your system. Even a simple error in PCB assembly can render your whole system useless. To avoid such situations, have your circuit boards made by a reputable PCB manufacturer such as Eprotos.com, Precision Technologies, Inc.

QTP is recognized as a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCBs). We focus on smaller companies with orders not large enough for offshore manufacturers or larger U.S.-based manufacturers. Our tailored services go a long way for you.

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What is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)?
Printed circuit boards, also known as printed writing boards, are inexpensive and highly reliable. Printed circuit boards mechanically support and connect computer components. Each computer has multiple printed circuit boards.

It is a Printed electric circuit in which the conducting paths connecting circuit components are affixed to a flat, insulating base board. The base is typically of plastic, glass, ceramic, or some other dielectric and the conducting paths may be placed on it by a variety of methods.

An etched circuit is a subtractive method in which a metallic foil is bonded to the base, the circuit pattern drawn on the foil with an acid-resistant wax, and the remainder of the foil then etched away with acid, leaving the desired conducting pattern.

Electroplating was frequently used in the past, but today silk screen printing with conducting polymer inks is commonly used. The circuit components themselves--resistors, capacitors, and other devices--are mounted on the finished base afterward.

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